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Solution for all problems for young people

Delivering Your Expection

When you Arrive...

When you arrive at our Supported Accommodations you will be signed in. One of our qualified staff will:

• Show you around the home and advise you of the rooms we currently have available.

• Go through the House rules so that you understand what is allowed and what is not and go through any other necessary forms.

• Go through young person’s rights; you will receive a separate document with regard this.

• Give you some essentials such as shower gel, soap and other toiletries needed.

• Assign you a key worker that will support you in matters related to your welfare and your stay with us.

Solution for all problems for young people

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There are many variations of support available for young people at Oak Care Home.

Offering High Quality Accommodation

Support and Trainee

Education & Youth Development

Trust our staff for All Your personal Needs

Our care team will work closely with you and your family to create a personalised care plan which is reviewed on a regular basis. We want your care plan to be as personal to you as possible and therefore value you and your family’s assistance in its development and review. 

Oak Care Home

This is due to their excellent service, competitive pricing and customer support. It’s throughly refresing to get such a personal touch.

Shirley Smith

CO Founder

Solution for all problems for young people

Check the Benefits

Be Healthy

We support young people to plan their groceries and meals, discuss about which items belong in a cabinet, and which go in the fridge or freezer. We encourage young people to practice cooking simple but nutritious meals together to keep themselves healthy. Moreover, we discuss safe food preparation for young people to have

the ability to prepare and store food safely as this is key to their health.

Young people will need to know how to plan meals in advance and how to shop for groceries. This includes buying items that will last a few days or longer. It

also includes knowing which foods can’t be stored for very long. Knowing when to seek medical care and how and when to take medication is essential. Young

people will be taught how to observe herself and identify if something might be off and needs to be addressed. Support young people to access community resources safely. Support in taking the train or bus if requested.

Enjoy & Achieve

We offer support with CV writing, provide Independent Living Skills sessions and find courses and/or internships and apprenticeships that best suit young people's interests. To reduce levels of stress, young people will be supported in finding healthy hobbies and leisure activities both within placement and outside in the community.

Stay Safe

It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment with opportunities to learn. Our qualified staff members are here to ensure that young people are being placed in an environment that promotes their development. We use principles of social learning in our placements to learn from each other and thrive.

Solution for all problems for young people

Make a positive contribution

Young people are encouraged to take a pro-active stance to life and participate in their community. This is done through our support to enrol in education and training and being involved in local activities. We work closely with youth offending teams and local authorities to ensure young people are not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour and have up to date care plans that promote positive outcomes.

Achieve Economic Wellbeing

We will be working together to make a list of expenses that young people will have when living away from home. This includes rent, bills, food, medicine, personal items and recreational activities. Highlight the things they have to pay for on a regular basis, so young people can budget accordingly. Figure out what the consequences will be if young people overspends, and make sure young is aware of aware of them.

Support for Independence

We aim to provide an appropriate accommodation and support service that offers young people day to day support and training to achieve positive results.  We aim to increase young people’s skills, confidence and self-esteem by providing them with a positive network of support and links into their community.  We aim for their independence to grow and our support to taper down, in preparation for a stable ‘move-on’ into adulthood.  

I will guide you along the best pathway for your life

Wand to grow mentally and physically